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Come easy with Cooldotz. We provide beautiful, powerful and very inexpensive web solutions for nearly every need. We subscribe to the "less is more" dynamic, the "keep is simple stupid" etiquette, and the "get to the point" protocol.
In that vein, we design and develop web sites following the trend to deliver all that you need for hundreds, if not thousands, less than you'd spend elsewhere.


It's simple here. The latest trend has finally seen web sites mature. No more of the unecessary fluff stuff, or we do it just 'cuz we can and it looks cool. Minimalisim.. single page sites... landing pages and sites that load in a snap and look good on a desk or a phone.
Whew. It's nice the web finally caught up.

We have no yogurt bar, throw no pizza parties and wonder what a nap pod even is. We do wrap it up fast, kick 'em out in a heartbeat and thrive on giving more than we get. Take a look below at our work offering,  see if there's a fit, then contact us. We'll get you up and at 'em faster than a hipster chasing a beard oil sale!

Web Site Design

Beautifully simple, simply effective.

All the rage right now are beautiful one page web site wonders. Landing pages simply expanded to include complete info with more contact options,  Call to Action, ecommerce and social targeting. 

Site Management

Updates, revamps and campaigns.

There's more to it than simply launching a web site. Constant content updating, social management, etc., etc. Once you flip the switch, you need to keep the ball rolling.

Blogging - SEO - Social

It don't mean a thing if they can't see you swing.

Blogging for content, optimizing for search engines and engaging socially doesn't have to be as time consuming and difficult as it sounds. We can show you a way to go auto pilot!

Easy, simple pricing.

Get a web site up and running in no time and arrange management so we do all the work all year and you simply reel in the benefits.


Landing and One Page site design up to 5 sections with contact form.
$ 39.95
After some basic info discovery we get you up and running fast.
  • 1 week turnaround or less.
  • SEO optimized, working contact form.
  • 5 revisions and updates after delivery.


Full site or Wordpress design, optimization and installation.
$ 89.95
Need more? Up to 10 pages, contact form and SEO optimized.
  • Graphics and media supplied.
  • 10 revisions.
  • Tested and installed.


Full design with regular monthly updating and SEO tweaks, site security. 
$ 395annually
Best bet! Stay in the game. Content updates,, design tweaks, security.
  • Regular content updating, SEO tweaks.
  • Constant security scanning.
  • Consistant SE submissions.

Follow Through

Divide and conqure. We setup  blogging and social automation.
$ 199one time
Send one email, have it trigger an avalanche of online love.
  • Automation setup and installation.
  • Account optimization, targeting.
  • Unlimited revisions.


Tell us what you need. We'll get back to you in a flash. Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm 
Fill out the form with any questions and we'll respond asap.